Installation of new fireplaces into new built homes. Renovations and retrofit to existing fireplaces. There are a lot of options, makes and design.  Absolutely Gas can assist with all options from design and build to working with you and your builder to create a fire that you desire.

Central Heating

Ducted heated air systems or hydronic water based heating with radiators and or underfloor. These systems are very effective to heat your whole house we can help with design and installation or just installation from plans.

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters – (Califonts, Rinnai Infinity, Bosch Optiflow)

Saving yourself 20% to $40% on your existing electric hot water heater we specialize in converting Electric Hot Water systems to gas and quite often replacing the old electric hob with a new gas hob. Also servicing and repair on some models.   

Hobs and Cookers

Gas cooking is one of the best options fast, effective, cheap and controllable. Absolutely Gas can help with your installations from new build to retro fit. We are able to install a new gas hob into most existing locations using just a BBQ bottle for supply.

Space heaters

There are options for space heaters to most homes. The new versions of these are very safe, flued to the outside therefore no more smells. In fact, so safe you can install some models in bedrooms meeting all the requirements for safe and effective heating.

Outdoor / Patio Heating

With a lot more of our time spent outdoors the range of outdoor fireplaces and overhead radiant heaters these days has improved dramatically. We are experienced in this type and style of heating. The look and benefit to keep your outdoor entertainment area warm and useable on chilly nights.

Caravans and Boats

With the new law implemented all caravans require a certificate of compliance. When working on existing systems which may be as simple as a quick check and testing. But sometime due to the old adage of “she’ll be right mate” there are things that are not to the current standards for caravans and boats and must be brought up to standard.

We are more than happy to discuss this with you and carry out the work.

Servicing and Repairs

Servicing is very important with gas appliances to keep them running at their optimum performance and remain so for many years.

“You wouldn’t not service your new car to help it last longer, same goes for your new gas appliance!"

We are happy to assist with repairs on most makes and models of gas appliances.



Design, Fit out and pipework for all new kitchens.

Repairs and servicing of all kitchen appliances on most makes and models.

Safety Inspections and testing.



From one off designed fireplaces to effective heating fireplaces we are approved to install most makes and models and are more than happy to work with designers and manufactures to create the look they were after.


Supply and installation of boilers for all applications.

Central heating

Installation of designed heating systems.

Outdoor Heating

Supply and Installations of outdoor and patio heating.

Food Caravans

Fit outs, design and installation or from your plans we can help make it happen.

Repairs and servicing

We able to repair and service most makes and models.


We also do plumbing as a certifying plumber and, working in association with Limbo Plumbing, we are able to help with all your plumbing requirements from new houses to tap washers, we cover it all!

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